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Since v.2.0 there is a new option in Chained Settings!

Homepage Hero is a new component with a total of 8 variations of content display, 3 slider and 5 static content.

You can display posts by category and by tag, order them ascending or descending by date.

General Settings

  • Choose Posts by Categories
  • Choose Posts by Tags
  • Order (ASC or DESC)
  • Top and Bottom Spacing
  • Not Full Width (Possibility to adjust width as you like)
  • Hero Section Gutter – Total space between the posts (Available for all styles besides Featured Area with Background- default 3px;

For Hero Slider:

  • 3 different styles
  • Infinite
  • Autoplay
  • Autoplay speed
  • Content Background
  • Post Title Typography and Color
  • Post Meta (date and author) Typography and Color

For Hero Section

Chained Hero Section

4 different styles

For Mosaic Posts – Mosaic Content Overlay

For Featured Area with Background:

Chained Featured Image with Background
  • Background Color or Background Image?
  • Background Image Options (Background Repeat, Size, Attachment, Position)
  • Full Screen? If Full Screen you are given the possibility to change header colors
  • Background Image Overlay Opacity
  • Background Gradient

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